Medea, Jason and the Argonauts

Medea in Batumi’s Europe Square. Medea is holding the Golden fleece in her right hand

The Georgian Black Sea region of Georgia was know as the legendary Colchis to the ancient Greeks. According to the epic poem Theogony by Hesiod (8th century BC) the land was ruled by king Aietes, son of the Greek sun god Helios. Medea, Aietes’ daughter, was an important female figure in Greek mythology.

Medea appears in the Greek legend about Jason and the Argonauts, who travelled on their ship Argo from Greece to the remote land of Colchis to find the Golden fleece and bring it back to Greece.

Medea helped Jason to achieve the goal of his mission. Following many adventures in Colchis, Jason married Medea and she followed with him back to Greece. Read the legend about Jason and the Argonauts here: link, or listen to it told in video clip (2) below.

Two interesting books could be recommended related to Jason and the Argonauts. The British explorer and writer Tim Severin replicated Jason’s journey in 1984 and wrote a book about his expedition: The Jason Voyage: The Quest for the Golden Fleece. Watch a video from the expedition and Tim Severin’s arrival to Soviet Georgia in 1984 (Video clip: Voyage of the Heroes, part 4).

Another relevant book is Jason and the Argonauts through the Ages by Jason Colavito (more info).

Video clip (2)