First Georgian letters

Let’s have a look at the Georgian letters step by step. All in all there are 33 letters in the alphabet, 5 vowels and the rest are consonants. Georgian does not use capital letters, neither for proper names nor initially in a sentence. Thus, there are fewer signs to learn. Like in the Latin script, some Georgian letters are lower case letters (such as r), others ascend (like h) or descend below the base line (p). The word to start with is, of course, Batumi:


This gives us three vowels – a, u, i:


We also have three consonants – b, t, m:

ბ b
თ t
მ m

Try to read a few words with these letters! The right answer is found below the photo.

ათი მამა ბუ

ათი ati, ‘ten’ — მამა mama ‘father’ — ბუ bu ‘owl’

Yes, it is rather unexpected to see that the Georgian word for ‘father’ is mama. ‘Mother’ corresponds to დედა deda in Georgian. We add a few more letters to be able to read a wider range of words:

დ d
ს s
რ r

and the two remaining vowels, e and o.

ე e
ო o

So, now we are equipped to read some more words. Again, you will find the answer below the photo.

არა რა სად არის მე ის ეს მომე ერთი ორი სამი მთა

არა ara ‘no’ — რა ra ‘what’ — სად sad ‘where’ — არის aris ‘is’ — მე me ‘I’ — ის is ‘he/she/it’ — ეს ‘it, this’ — მომე mome ‘give me….!’ — ერთი erti ‘one’ — ორი ori ‘two’ — სამი sami ‘three’ — მთა mta ‘mountain’

Great! Now you can even read a full sentence:

რა არის ეს? ეს არის მთა. ra aris es? es aris mta.
‘What is this? It is a mountain’