Pre-history and Early history

Apsaros: A Roman Fort in Southwestern Georgia (read it)

Gonio-Apsarus (Short History and Architectural Review) (read it)

Recent archaeological finds in Gonio-Apsarus (read it)

Apsarus in the First Half of the 1 st Millenium B.C (read it)

Pichvnari Diary (read it)

Archaeologists reveal fresh findings at ancient Pichvnari settlement on Black Sea coast (read it)

Pichvnari. A contact zone of Greeks and Colchians. (read it)

Sinope and eastern Black Sea area in the Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods (read it)

The Basilica at Petra (Tsikhisdziri) (read it)

The Oxford-Batumi Pichvnari Expedition, 1998 (read it)

Kobuleti site: the evidence of Early Holocene occupation in Western Georgia (read it)

Of related interest

Phasis – the problem of location (read it)

Geoarchaeology of Phasis (Georgia) (read it)

Geography and topography of territorial competition  between Rome and Persia. The kingdoms of the Caucasus – Iberia, Colchis and Albania, pp. 9-10 (read it)

Georgians and Roman Frontier Policy in the East (read it)

Littoral fortifications in South-West Georgia (read it)