Modern history

Russian agrarian colonial policy in Batumi region in the 80s of the 19th century (read it)

Batumi: Travails of the City. 100 years since the city of Batumi and its province were reunited into the Georgian Democratic Republic (read it)

Adjara – Multicultural history – one story (read it)

The Status of the Region of Adjara in the Caucasus in the Context of Geopolitical Transformation in 1917-1921 (read it)

Hanging in mid-air: Cultural activity of the Greek community of Batumi during the British occupation (1919-1920) read it

The Muslim uprising in Ajara and the Stalinist revolution in the periphery (read it)

Ajarian identity and the regime of Aslan Abashidze (read it)

Sarp/Sarpi : la porte de l’intégration entre la Turquie et la Géorgie vingt ans après la chute de l’Union Soviétique (read it)

Pontic Greeks of the Black Sea Villages of Georgia: Migration Routes and Socio-Political Reasons (read it)