Petra Tsikhisdziri

Ancient archaeological complex “Petra-Tsikhisdziri”

17 kilometers north of Batumi, on a hill overlooking the Black Sea, you find the remains of the fortified ciy and archaeological complex “Petra-Tsikhisdziri”. The initiative to build the city-fortress in the 6th century is attributed to the Byzantine Emperor Justinian (527-565). The fortified city was a strategic stronghold in the war between Byzantium and Sassanid Persia.

Apart from the fortification walls, remains at the site include a villa, baths from the 4th century and a basilika from the 6th century. As archeological findings reveal, the city and its surroundings were inhabited long before this period. For instance, bronze tools have been discovered from the second century BC. Other findings include vesssels, golden jewelry and ancient Greek, roman, Arab and other coins. Some of the findings are exhibited in the Batumi Archaeological Museum (below).

Poster from the Batumi Archaeological Museum

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Photos: Johan Persson.

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